Boris Pecker

There’s been some raised eyebrows in the last couple of weeks when I’ve been asked what I’m doing. ‘Knitting a pigeon’, is evidently not a standard response. Sometimes I like to do something pointless for no better reason than to make myself smile, and when I saw the pattern for Boris on the front of the latest issue (July 2015) of Knit Today, I just couldn’t resist and ordered the yarn from the Wool Warehouse.


When I twigged I’d only be using using a small amount from each 100g ball and that this Stylecraft Special DK yarn is the same yarn that Lucy from Attic 24 (great crochet blog, especially for beginners) often uses, I ordered some more shades.  Since I mastered basic crochet, I’ve wanted to have a go at one of Lucy’s ripple blanket patterns. I needed something soft and washable to take on picnics, also inexpensive, so if it all goes wrong I won’t be living with financial guilt!

Wool Warehouse delivered the beautifully packaged yarn the very next day, along with accessories – eyeballs for Boris and a couple of crochet hooks with flat handles that I’ve realised suit me better than the rounded type. I was pleased to find the yarn wasn’t scratchy or prone to splitting and got to work.

Fiddly, I think is the word to describe the making of Boris. For toy making the needles tend to be a size smaller than recommended for the yarn, so that the fabric will be dense enough for construction and stuffing.  This makes the tension tighter than normal knitting and it’s hard work. Then there is the making up of all the separate pieces, right down to individual toes.


My target was to have Boris finished for the start of Wimbledon and here he is, enjoying the coverage from the BBC (I changed the colours slightly so he is acceptable at the All England Club).

The ripple blanket is now in progress after a frustrating start.  As recommended I made a small sample to get the hang of the pattern before starting the real thing.  Turned out to be excellent advice from Lucy, as I went wrong four times and almost gave up before I finally cracked it. Fortunately the first row is by far the trickiest bit and now I’m into a rhythm I think I can just about watch the tennis as I hook away.



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