Soggy Sundays

Anyone else secretly pleased when it rains at the weekend? Before children it was in the hope my husband’s cricket match might be called off and we could spend quality time together. These days it means if the house is in a passable state, I’m not obliged to go out and do useful stuff, like weeding.

The girls were sleeping over at Grandma’s so the house was blissfully quiet on Sunday. I put on a film (The Help) and rummaged in my box of ‘Ready to Go’ projects. Every time I have a stash sort, I put bags together complete with instructions and all the materials I need to complete something.  This is especially useful if I’m going away as I can just grab a ‘kit’. Or, if I want to start making something straight away, it prevents the wane of enthusiasm when I can’t find the particular thing I’m looking for.

In this particular bag I’d put two balls of Hooked Zpaghetti yarn, a 12mm crochet hook, a bag handle and three patterns for inspiration.  After a bit of pondering, I decided to combine elements from the bag and basket patterns as I went along to create a basket of my own. Double crochet stitches (US single) make my basket pretty dense and strong, though being fairly new to crochet and this unfamiliar yarn, I did find the first few rounds tricky. The dark shade made the stitches more difficult to see and count and I found it hard to pull the hook through more than one loop at a time.

IMG_0027 IMG_0028

I increased at regular intervals, spiralling the base until it was the diameter I wanted.  (A stitch marker was really helpful to mark the beginning of the round.) Then to create the angle, I crocheted into the back loop for one round. From then on it was plain sailing and doubles all the way until it looked like the yarn was running out.  Finally a round of simple slip stitches gave a neat edge and I attached the handles by picking up the yarn through the ring before making the stitch.

IMG_0029 IMG_0030

I was pretty chuffed with the finished basket which grew satisfyingly quickly and was easily finished in a day.  It was good to take a break from my ongoing knitting project and the basket is ideal for storing my beautiful Scheepjeswol Sunkissed yarn. IMG_0031

If you’d like to make a basket with Zpaghetti or a similar T-shirt yarn and work from an exact pattern, the base of mine is very similar to the ‘large basket’ pattern found in Crochet published by DK. The hanging basket pattern is by Ilaria Chiaretti and found in Issue 45 of Mollie Makes magazine and there are plenty of free patterns and kits for Zpaghetti yarn on the DMC Creative website.


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